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… This health portal was created by the cooperation of 19 partner organisations from 8 European countries to make it possible to reach health record when needed or in case of emergency by the patient himself/herself. This will increase patient`s safety while travelling abroad. The portal will automatically translate your personal health record into the language of the country you are visiting.

Vivaport health portal is not only a summary of your personal health record. It is also a platform that allows patient to collect self-monitoring data (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, etc.) as well as information provided by health care institutions (discharge reports, results of laboratory tests, images, ECG’s, etc.)

This health portal was created by the cooperation of 19 partner organisations from 8 European countries to make it possible to reach health record. ….


The aim of the project is to implement clinical data analysis tools, expert systems that help physicians easier and more accurately make decisions on the patient’s diagnosis or treatment of the selection.

Clinical Decision Support System tools and solutions:
> Signal processing subsystem
> Age analysis system
> Data transformation system
> Expert system
> Knowledge databases. …


MIDAS is designed to collect and keep different scientific data as well as any other information related to scientific researches besides to secure accessibility of data and information in digital environment. Biomedicine component of the system is special due to it’s specific and sensitive data, methods and standards of data collection. …


Vilnius University Hospital took leadership and connected 20 largest and most important health care institutions: primary centers, secondary level specialist outpatient clinics and university hospitals. Nowadays System unites over 60 health care institutions, almost 5000 specialists. Over 11 million appointments where registered in the System since it’s introducing in 2008. Internet use of the system is growing and reaches 17% (up to 40% in some institutions).Innovative technologies, new features and services are implemented: …


The goal of the project – to create an information system which functionalities meet the needs of the country’s healthcare institutions and create a possibility of the full cooperation between medical professionals by enabling data exchange and, in this way, increasing the quality of medical services. Telemedicine tools are used for the consultation between healthcare providers of remote medical institutions or remote points of care.

Specialists can do offline reporting of radiology, ultrasound or ECG investigations as well as online consultations using video-conference and live broadcasting of medical examination, including equipment screen views: …


Using advanced information technologies we create new value for patients and health care services.

These are only few of our wide range technology solutions which makes hospital smart:
> Integrated infrastructure, incl. secure wireless networks, VoIP telephony, premises access control, Barcode and RFID identification and location tracking, video surveillance etc
> Electronic medical record system, making hospital paperless and filmless
> Patient bedside terminals with integrated telephony, IPTV, Internet and more. …