S c r o l l D o w n

MPHPSantariskiu klinikos Centre of Informatics and Development in 2012 developed as a pilot multilingual personal health record system and portal in the frame of the ICT for Health project which is dedicated for “Strengthening social capacities for the utilisation of eHealth technologies in the framework of ageing population”.

This health portal was created by the cooperation of 19 partner organisations from 8 European countries to make it possible to reach health record when needed or in case of emergency by the patient himself/herself. This will increase patient`s safety while travelling abroad. The portal will automatically translate your personal health record into the language of the country you are visiting.

Vivaport health portal is not only a summary of your personal health record. It is also a platform that allows patient to collect self-monitoring data (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, etc.) as well as information provided by health care institutions (discharge reports, results of laboratory tests, images, ECG’s, etc.)

The access of the portal is easy and convenient, since registration and management can be used by e-mail or mobile phone (SMS), and also patient can manage authorizations by giving authority, requesting authority and managing the whole access.

The portal is user-friendly, simple and equally attractive to both young and old no matter whether patient is travelling for business or leisure, and of course for doctor who will assist the patient while entering his/her personal health data in case of emergency.