S c r o l l D o w n

sergu1Vilnius University Hospital took leadership and connected 20 largest and most important health care institutions: primary centers, secondary level specialist outpatient clinics and university hospitals. Nowadays System unites over 60 health care institutions, almost 5000 specialists. Over 11 million appointments where registered in the System since it’s introducing in 2008. Internet use of the system is growing and reaches 17% (up to 40% in some institutions).Innovative technologies, new features and services are implemented:s

  • Specialist search in all health care institutions simultaneously,
  • SMS acknowledgment and visit reminder,
  • SMS feedback, appointment cancellation,
  • Telephone conversation record attachment to the appointment,
  • patient queuing,
  • booking for hospitalization and rehabilitation,
  • integration of decision support systems and electronic guides,
  • applications for mobile devices ,
  • Web-services for integration with local systems,
  • and much more.