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About Us

Information Technologies in Medicine (MedIT) association specializes in the design, build, and management of high-performance and innovative solutions. By combining up-to-date hardware and software components with a range of customized professional services, MedIT helps its customers to create top-quality, efficient, and reliable solutions.

  • Medical visualization;
  • Medical programming;
  • Medical research.

The vision of MedIT – to become a leading association in ICT in the medicine area. Moreover, to be a primary partner for Research, Education, and Industry cooperation at the Worldwide level. Research, Education

The mission of MedIT:

  • Strengthen the connection between members to promote the exchange of best practices and expertise;
  • Enhance cooperation possibilities;
  • Create a strategic platform for joint projects;
  • Build a partnership with National and Worldwide Institutions and participate in joint EU programs.


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