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About Us

KTU Santaka Valley
Address: K. Barsausko str. 59, LT-51423, Kaunas, Lithuania, KTU Santaka Valley

Information Technologies in Medicine (MedIT) association specializes in the design, build and management of high performance and innovative solutions. By combining up-to-date hardware and software components with a range of customized professional services, MedIT helps its customers to create top-quality, efficient and reliable solutions.

  • Medical visualization;
  • Medical programming;
  • Medical research.

Vision of MedIT – to become a leading association in ICT in medicine area. Moreover, to be a primary partner for Research, Education and Industry cooperation at the Worldwide level. Research, Education

The mission of MedIT:

  • Strengthen the connection between members to promote exchange of best practices and expertise;
  • Enhance cooperation possibilities;
  • Create a strategic platform for joint projects;
  • Build partnership with National and Worldwide Institutions and participate in joint EU programmes.

Biggest projects

Personal Health Portal
Santariskiu klinikos Centre of Informatics and Development in 2012 developed as a pilot multilingual personal health record system and portal in the frame of the ICT for Health project which is dedicated for “Strengthening social capacities for the utilisation of eHealth technologies in the framework of ageing population”. Read more

Clinical Decision Support
The aim of the project is to implement clinical data analysis tools, expert systems that help physicians easier and more accurately make decisions on the patient’s diagnosis or treatment of the selection. Read more

Biomedicine Research Information System
MIDAS is designed to collect and keep different scientific data as well as any other information related to scientific researches besides to secure accessibility of data and information in digital environment.  Read more

Vilnius University Hospital took leadership and connected 20 largest and most important health care institutions: primary centers, secondary level specialist outpatient clinics and university hospitals. Nowadays System unites over 60 health care institutions, almost 5000 specialists. Read more

The goal of the project – to create an information system which functionalities meet the needs of the country’s healthcare institutions and create a possibility of the full cooperation between medical professionals by enabling data exchange and, in this way, increasing the quality of medical services. Read more

Smart Hospital
Using advanced information technologies we create new value for patients and health care services. Read more